How to Make Better Decisions & Take Action: Part 4

This is Part 4 and the Final of a Multi-Part Series on Decision Making.

Want to become better at Decision Making? 

Here’s an Intro into How to Make Decisions



Using the Principles you’ve learned earlier on Decision Making, what SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS can you take RIGHT NOW, today, that can move you on the path to being a better Decision Maker?

Here’s some real specifics to try. Test at least one of the following:

  • 3 for 3

    • Look at your To Do List. Pick 3 Tasks that you have all the information, opinions, data, etc. on and have been merely sitting waiting for you to make a decision and take action.
    • On each of these 3 Tasks, make a decision TODAY.
    • Take Action TODAY on the 3 you picked.
    • Try the 3 for 3 game tomorrow.
    • Tip: Pick SMALL, insignificant task.
  • Time Yourself.

    • Literally put yourself “on the clock.”  Use a Timer on your smartphone or you can even purchase a chess timer.  Regardless, when you have a Decision to make, set the timer for 60 seconds. By the time the buzzer sounds, make a decision. Like the General’s story, learn to simply make a decision and see how it turns out. You can always adjust based on the Feedback.
  • Email Blasting

    • For 1 day, answer all your emails possible on the same day. Meaning, read them and answer them. You should make BLOCKS of time during this day that you will perform answer emails. So, do NOT answer emails constantly all day. Use the Block of Time system.
    • Answer all emails possible.
    • Start with small, easy ones first.
    • Leave the hard or larger emails to last. (I typically do NOT recommend this as an email management strategy but for decision making practice, it can work, especially for rookie decision makers.)
  • Model a Decision Maker in Your Life

    • There is always some in your life, directly in proximity to you, that you consider a strong decision maker. This could be a parent, your spouse, a sibling, friend, co-worker or a boss.
    • Make sure the person you pick to model you consider makes “good decisions.” We’re not just looking for quick decision making, but successful decision making.
    • Pay attention for the next WEEK to how they make decisions, Watch:
      • They GATHER information
      • How they PROCESS that information
      • How they PREPARE to make a decision
      • Their STATE when they make a decision.
      • How QUICKLY they put their decision into Action. Watch to see how quickly they take action themselves on the decisions. Or, how quickly they delegate that decision.
      • “Success leaves clues,” says Tony Robbins. This is why I want you to pay attention for 1 WEEK on a top decision maker in your life. Watch for the above clues and more.
      • Each day for this 1 week, write down in a notebook, journal or computer, the CLUES or things you noticed about your Model.
      • Once a day for this week, re-read the Clues you wrote down.
  • Multi-Task Break for 1 Week

    • For 1 week, do NOT multi-task on anything. That means if you’re on the phone, you’re ONLY on the phone. If you’re watching TV, you’re only watching TV, not surfing the Internet.
    • If you can’t commit to 1 week, then commit to 1 day.
    • There is a method to this madness, trust me. By breaking the multi-tasking beast, you will GAIN FOCUS. This is “indirect” practice to become a better decision maker. As mentioned, the best decision makers have been found to NOT multitask. They are extremely present.
  • How do you Process Information

    • Take the test located here (TIP: You can take a simple test online to determine which type you are. Follow this link:
    • Determine if you are Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic.
    • Using this knowledge, refer back to the section about processing information earlier and apply the technique for your Type for 1 week.
    • Watch if utilizing Decision making methods for YOUR information processing types has any positive affect on your decision making.


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