Pat’s Path

What’s My Story:

The Corporate Path



I wanted to share my background with you.

For the Past 10 Years I’ve worked as Business Consultant. But I Didn’t get here overnight It Took decisions, choices and most importantly, new approaches to work.

Look, I was just like you. I began my career following the “normal” path that was laid out for kids like me: go to college, get a great job and work your way up the ladder. I call this “The Path.”

Sound familiar?

And, I was really good at The Path.

I began my career working for an international accounting and consulting firm, KPMG. At first, I was like all my co-workers burning the midnight oil. But over time, I observed that while everyone was talented and worked hard, not everyone worked efficiently.

I realized there had to be better ways. So, I studied and sought out new ways to work and manage my time. Finally, I began to approach HOW I worked work differently, with different strategies.

It started to show immediately on jobs where everything was based on prior year’s hours.

I’d have a task that took 6 hours last year. I finished it in 2.

It was at KPMG that I learned I could operate at a different speed, another gear, compared to my peers.

After gaining massive experience, becoming a CPA, and adding significant skills to my consulting toolbox, I left that public finance world and began working for private companies.

I ran Global Operations for a software company that went public.

Then, I was CFO & VP Operations at a global license footwear company that had shoe brands Diesel and XOXO, to name a few. I started with that company with $0 revenue and had a “clean slate” to build the infrastructure I wanted, which I did. That foundation allowed us to grow to over $100 million in 3 years.

But I found this corporate path empty.

Sure, I was rising fast and making excellent money. But, I was expected to work long hours, most of which were more about appearance and being required to be present in the office rather than performance.

And, I watched My Peers who were constantly overwhelmed and stressed out, working 60-plus hours a week, I refused to let the same thing happen to me.

So, I Experimented MORE with time management, delegation, work day structures,

and efficiency techniques so I could have a life outside my career—and in doing so,

I mastered the ability to manage my staff (in the office & remotely), achieve more, and handle larger projects in less than 40 hours a week.

I was leaving work at or before 5pm while my colleagues were only getting started

for their second shift.

And, I was able to get more done with less stress, less chaos, and almost zero overwhelm.

But after 9 years in the corporate world, I knew I needed to find something more rewarding and personally fulfilling.  I couldn’t see doing this for another 20 or 30 years. There had to be a different way.

And, that lead to the next step on my journey.

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Putting it All Together


So, the LAST full-time job I worked was as CFO & VP Ops at Diesel Footwear.

Since then, I’ve ONLY worked part-time as a Business Consultant at my own Corporate Consulting firm as a Strategic Business Advisor.

After leaving Diesel, I ran a $20 million dollar Skateboard & Snowboard company as COO

for three years working 25 hours a week, taking the company from $15 to $20 million in revenue.

I’ve helped another footwear company go mass-market as the company’s Consulting CFO.

I’ve assisted an IT Technology company in San Francisco triple their size and dominate their market, after putting systems and processes in place for them.

The list goes on of companies and businesses I’ve helped.

And, I’ve done all of this with a “lifestyle balance”, which I’ll go into shortly.

Additionally, I’ve been able to manage groups of people not just in the US but teams located all over the world. I only go on site when required, typically only for board or shareholder meetings. And, I’ve done it all in under 30 hours a week for all my clients.

The ability to do this is not complex. It is simple and straightforward but requires you to completely change the way you approach your time management, and delegation skills.

Think you can do that?

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Down to the Core


My core strengths, the root of who I am, not just in business but in life, are that of a strategist, an arranger and a maximizer. These are my superpowers.

A strategists sees the Forest and the Trees. The Arranger “puts things together” in systems and patterns. And, the Maximizer takes things that are already good and makes them superb. On top of these strengths is my underlying ability to be efficient and effective. I’ve done this since I was a little kid. I always wanted to finish anything, whether it was homework or chores, in the quickest and best way possible. I was relentless. I even had a motto since about 8 years old: “Do it well, get it done, get it out of the way and then go play.”

The other huge aspect of me is sports. I’ve played and followed them all my life, especially basketball. The NBA in particular but I’m also a die-hard NFL fan. So, anything I do, say or think, all comes back to sports, especially teamwork. That’s why I call my work Training Camp. And, most of my stories or analogies or metaphors are typically sports related. So, if you don’t know or like sports, then we might not be the best fit. But for the majority of people, especially coming from the business world, sports and business go hand in hand.

Remember, I like to say: Business is a Sport and the BEST trained player Wins.


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Lifestyle: Freedom, Fun & Fulfillment


I wanted to talk about how my strategies and systems of time management have changed my life.

As I mentioned, my ability to be efficient and effective in the business world has not just benefited large, hundred million dollar companies or rising smaller ones. It has ultimately benefited me.

Because of the systems and strategies I deploy to approach work, I’m able to work part-time and work remotely. This affords my wife and I not only an excellent lifestyle but location freedom. For the past 10 years, we’ve been going back and forth between California and North Carolina. It started at first visiting North Carolina for week vacations in summer and ended up splitting time half the year in both places. I still work with my clients and deliver the same value, I just have come to learn and prove that I don’t have to be physically in their offices to do so.

I’m an average guy from average background but with an extraordinary ability to deploy strategies that create more TIME.

With more TIME, I’m able to enjoy sports, travel, enjoy family and friends and participate in favorite activities, whether playing basketball, attending workshops, learning to surf in Hawaii,

or just hanging out with my wife, family and friends.

Because of HOW I work, my life is truly different. Yours can be too.

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Where I’m Headed



The original “Why” for what I was doing in work life was like everyone else: build my career and support my family. Essentially, meet my main need for security and money. I wanted to provide and have that base level of certainty in my life and I did.

But as my career continued, I progressed up the ladder and money issues became less at the top of my worry list. Sure, I still had to plan and save if I wanted bigger possessions like houses and more stuff, but I no longer had to really pay attention to every little minor expense.

Then, I shifted out of the “normal” of Corporate America and into working more on my terms as a Business Consultant. That was fun and lucrative but it was really only “one offs.” What I mean was I was only helping one company at a time. While that was satisfying on many levels, something was missing.

At the same time, I realized how much my friends and acquaintances wanted to know “how I created my lifestyle.” Many always said “wouldn’t it be nice” or “you’re lucky.” But for anyone that would listen, I began to tell them my Secrets to Efficiency and Effectiveness. My “ah ha” moment came when I realized that not everyone thinks like me nor approaches time efficiency like I do. I could really teach others how to do this. I found myself repeatedly showing my friends and acquaintances “How I did it”. I always explained to them that my lifestyle was achieved consciously by me as a result of 3  simple things:

  1. By Design. I set my life up this way, using a simple structure.
  2. By Choice I made choices that always added more time to life. My guiding compass was to “add more Freedom” to my life.
  3. By New Strategies. I threw out “old school” techniques to time management, delegation and efficiency and deployed new, straightforward and simple strategies.

I’m now a “Lifestyle Leader” and one of my main passions in life is to help others create, design and implement the Lifestyle they desire.  Nothing fills me up more than to see someone use my training to step into the life they’ve always wanted. This all starts and stops with approaching Time entirely differently than you have in the past. I ‘ll show you. It’s my passion.


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